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We choose courage over comfort…together.

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Sign the Pledge!

The Pledge

Rooted in the conviction that the followers of Jesus are called to reflect their beloved Creator and Redeemer as a mosaic and symphony of humanity, I choose courage instead of comfort. By Jesus’ loving grace and strength, I pledge to follow Him and LEAD:

  1. Listen.I will purposefully open my ears to others’ stories and my eyes to others’ pain, disregarding my discomfort. I will educate myself by reading with an open mind. I will examine my own actions and attitudes, apologizing when needed. I will prayerfully resist all prideful defensiveness. In humility I commit to a lifestyle of growth, reminding myself that my experience is only a narrow slice of reality.
    By the power of the Spirit, I choose to listen courageously.
  2. Embrace. I will open my heart and home to embrace the stranger with hospitality. I will stretch outside familiarity to intentionally create multicultural friendship networks. When conflict arises in my expanded circles, I will sacrifice comfort, share vulnerably, and pray for the Spirit to unite us. I will respect others’ need for cultural space to express themselves freely, while maximizing opportunities to expand my own cultural awareness and understanding. I will encourage individual faithfulness to convictions, while building an authentic community that welcomes harmonious diversity.
    By the power of the Spirit, I choose to embrace courageously.
  3. Advocate. I will actively pursue opportunities to live out justice and mercy. When I witness discrimination, I will rise in defense of the powerless. I will speak out against injustice within my family, community, and nation. I will stand against practices, policies, and structures that enable racial inequality. I will respond to disagreements with respect, kindness, and non-violence. I will “seek peace and pursue it,” but never at the cost of truth or integrity.
    By the power of the Spirit, I choose to advocate courageously.
  4. Dream. I will devote my creativity, privileges, spiritual gifts, and talents to the tireless pursuit of equity for all. If I lose a battle, I will praise God because He has already won the war, and ask Him to broaden my vision. I will steadfastly follow His commands, patiently trusting His promise of justice for all of God’s children. In fulfillment of God’s law of love, I will prayerfully seek the “one accord” of Acts 1 to prepare for the anointing of the Holy Spirit of Acts 2.
    By the power of the Spirit, I choose to dream courageously.

By the above actions, I pledge to do my part to fulfill Jesus’ prayer “that they all may be one,” trusting Him to weave “every nation, kindred, tongue and people” into a beautiful tapestry of love, until the day my soul is at rest, free at last.

The LEAD Anti-Racism Challenge

A 40-Day Journey

If you care about racial prejudice and want to stand against racism but aren’t sure how to get involved, then this book is for you. If you feel that love for God and others is the key to healing racial prejudice, then this book is for you. If you would like to understand and get more involved in showing love to people across the lines of diversity or are passionate about anti-racism and want to help lead a movement, then this book is for you. Join our diverse group of writers on this courageous 40-day devotional journey through stories, prayers, and radical growth. Your life will never be the same. Learn to: Listen, Embrace, Advocate, and Dream. “That we all may be one” is our earnest prayer.

Clergy Signers

Troy Brand
Orchard Park SDA Church

Marcellus Barnes Sr.
Grace Pointe Church, Chattanooga, TN

Dr. William Terry Ladd
First Baptist Church East 8th Street , Chattanooga

Mark Love
Journey Church, Chattanooga

Chris Sorensen
The Mission Abbey

Melody Winderweedle
The Vineyard Church, Chattanooga

Alan Parker
Southern Adventist University, School of Religion

Fr Al Alison
Mission Red Bank

Jason Leonard
The House at UTC, Chattanooga

Ben Ferguson
Mission Chattanooga

Jeffery Watson
Bethany SDA Church, Montgomery, AL

Matt Busby
Mission Chattanooga

Ryan Van Horn
Resurrection Church

Bud Winderweedle
Ekklesia - A Vineyard Church

John Parker

Paul Downer
The Mission Chattanooga

Keenan West
South Nashville SDA Church

Daniel Adkinson
St. Thomas Anglican Church - Athens, GA

Jason Foster
Mission Chattanooga

Nathan Williams
Seventh-day Adventist

Katrina Payne
The Mission Chattanooga

Jonathan Thomas
World Restoration Center Church

Rev. Tricia Dillon Thomas
Hope House-UTC/Renaissance Presbyterian Church

Scott Pollard
Journey Church, Chattanooga

Jake Stum
Mission Cleveland

Father Dale Hall
The Mission, Chattanooga

Pamela Richmond
Grace Pointe Church

Angie Sorensen
Mission Chattanooga

Kevin McGill
Seventh Day Adventist Church, Troy Idaho

Daniel McFeeters
London, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church District

Carlos D. Bynum
Seventh-day Adventist

Matthew Shallenberger
Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church

Yvens Melidor
Thonotosassa & Breath of Life SDA Churches, Tampa, FL

David Sedlacek
SDA Theological Seminary, Andrews University

Alan Parker
Southern Adventist University

Rev. Brandon Gilvin
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

James Moon
Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist Church

Matt Moore
City Collective Church

Brian Salter
Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church

Steve Yeagley
Andrews University

William Glass
Jonathan Smith
Tucson Sharon Seventh-day Adventist Church

Stephen Reedy
Courtney Johnson
Mission Chattanooga

Tiffanie Wilson
Spiritual Director

Fr. Ethan Spivey
Anglican Church of North America

Chris Woodhull
Mission Abbey / Build Me a World

LaMarcus Brown
Deacon & Adventurers Club Director/Woodbridge SDA Church, Woodbridge, VA

Dale Carpenter
Providence Seventh-day Adventist Church

Zack Payne

Bryan Banos
Taylor Mill SDA Church

Michael Tucker
Faith for Today

Kevin Patterson
Orange, VA SDA Church

Elton DeMoraes
Seventh-day Adventist

José Medina
Indiana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Roger Hernandez
Eugene Kitney
Stonehill Seventh-day Adventist Church (Texas Conference)

Brandon Westgate
Seventh-day Adventist

Anthony Nix
Anderson/Marion, IN SDA Churches

Olga Falakiseni
Killeen Seventh-day Adventist Church

Tatiana Correa
EPIC Church Chicago

Jeremiah Smart
Iowa Missouri conference

Nathan Hellman
Gladstone Park Seventh-Day Adventist

TJ Sands
Edmond Seventh-day Adventist Church

Del Dunavant
Seventh-day Adventist Church

Jonathan Michael
Mount Pisgah Academy SDA Church

Nathaniel Oregon
Belleville and Tecumseh Seventh-day Adventist Churches

Victor Hulbert
Trans-European Division. UK

paul brantley
The North American Division, Seventh-day Adventist Church in close partnership with Andrews University

Kristy Hodson
Stoneham Memorial SDA Church

Tim Mayne
Tillamook (OR) Adventist Church

Dale Taylor
University Christian Mission

Gabriel Perea
Edinburgh Scotland Seventh-day Adventist Church

Tim Taylor
Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Eric Sayler
Eastgate Seventh-day Adventist Church

Geert Tap
Stanborough Park SDA Church, UK

Tye Davis
Valley View Seventh-day Adventist Church in East Wenatchee, WA

Tyler Kraft
Tracy Seventh-day Adventist Church

Michael Davenport
Orchard Park church

Adam J. Deibert
Sherwood Care Seventh-day Adventist Care Centre

Stephen Carlile
Billings Adventist Church

Shaun Brooks
Atlanta All Nations SDA Church

Aaron Mace
Seventh Day Adventist Church

Garrison Hayes
Community Praise SDA Church

Steven Hulbert
Rodney R Valentine
Seventh day Adventist

John Webster
La Sierra University, HMS Richards Divinity School

Rhidge Garcia
Associate Pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Zach Wyatt
Youth Leader Collective

Tracy Edwards
Valleybrook Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Corby Shields
Rock Creek Fellowship

Brookes Jones
City Collective

Rev. Laura Becker
Northminster Presbyterian Church

(The Rev) Robert Childers
Church of the Good Shepherd (Episcopal), Lookout Mountain, TN

Joey Sherrard
Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church

Sebastian Lopez
Palm Coast Seventh-day Adventist

Jean Luna
Discover Life Patterson SDA Church

Bruce Sloan
Ridgeview Baptist Church

Vince (Vinnie) MacIsaac
Solid Rock Seventh-day Adventist Church

Angel Laurencio
José E Pieretti
Raleigh and Henderson Seventh-day Adventist Churches

Luke Self
SDA Chaplain

John Atherton
Bridges Christian Community

David Lee
Madison Mission SDA Church

Pastor Marcus L Taylor
South Central Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

William Jordan
Karlmax Kathiany
Birmingham International SDA Church

Carlton Byrd
Oakwood University Church

Benjie Slaton
Grace+Peace Church

Neil W Reid
Georgia-Cumberland Conferece of SDA

Chuck Woods
TX Conference of SDA

Ben Hooper
Restoration Southside Church

Chad Middlebrooks
Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church

Mike Fulbright
The Well, a 7th Day Adventist Church

Anthony White
North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Jared Huffman
Restoration Southside, Chattanooga TN

Michele Simmons
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Lookout Mountain

Lori Farr
Miamisburg Seventh-day Adventist Church

Joseph Khabbaz
Southern Adventist University

Anna Bennett
Southern Adventist University

Tim Kirk
Gregory Whitsett
Adventist Mission

David Smith
Southern Adventist University

Gabriel Gutiérrez
Seventh-day Adventist

Anthony Gilmore
Bethel Community Church

Tony Jamgochian

David Ferguson
Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist Church

Jonny Wilczynski
Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church

Pierre Neuhoff
Cape Conference of SDA

Chad Stuart
Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church

Terryl James
Brian Burgess
Seventh-day Adventist, Chaplain Resident

Javier Diaz
Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Rayner Edwards
Orchard Park SDA Church & Chaplain @ CHI Memorial

Chris Donavan
Chaplain- Mission Creek Christian School

Novella Miller
Minister/Church Of God Of Prophecy/Venue Church

Kenneth Brummel
Washington NH SDA Church

Tony Brandon
Seventh-day Adventist

Marcos Torres
Seventh-day Adventist

Rusty Williams
Chattanooga First Seventh-day Adventist Church

Daniel Grant-King
Gethsemane SDA Church

Caleb Henry
Fort Bragg, CA SDA Church

Donn Leatherman
Bathurst SDA Company

Martin Klingbeil
Southern Adventist University, School of Religion

Angelo Grasso
Ricardo Graham
Pacific Union Conference

Charlaine Price
Barbara Myers
Jim Landelius
Oklahoma Conference if Seventh-day Adventists

Skip Bell
Gordon Bietz
North American Division of SDA

Atlanta Boulevard SDA Church

Bernard Kelly
Atlanta Boulevard SDA church

Brad Whitaker
St Paul's Episcopal Church, Chattanooga

Steven Gower
Olmsted Community Church

Rev. Will Lauderback
First-Centenary United Methodist Church

Drew McCallie
Hixson UMC

Dr C Mark Gooden
First Centenary UMC

Edward Wynder
Seventh Day Adventist

Bernie Anderson
World Vision

Alexander Voigt
LifeSpring Adventist Church

Marcus Harden
Seventh-day Adventist Church GSC

Jon Remitera
Pastor/Kentucky-Tennessee Conference SDA

Rick McEdward
Middle East and North Africa Union of Seventh Day Adventists

Tim Peters
Vitas Healthcare

Jeremy Wong
Worthington SDA Church

Matthew Tinkham, Jr.
Knoxville Grace and Lenoir City Seventh-day Adventist Churches

Barry Kimbrough
Brookings/Gold Beach, Oregon Seventh-day Adventist Churches

Patricia Litten
Jason Shaw

Mary Paul
Church of the Nazarene

Ryan Gage
nampa college church

Brian Wilson
Southern Florida District Church of the Nazarene

Ivor Myers
One Race, Many Colors

David Sharpes
College Church of the Nazarene/Nazarene Theological Seminary

Cindy Tutsch
(Retired) Seventh-day Adventist

Chaplain Christie Shine
Tyshar Truevillian
Orchard Park Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Paul Lowe
Ty Gibson
Storyline Church

Dean Blevins
Nazarene Theological Seminary

Rob Winn
Advent Life Church

Byron Durant
Pastor Tina Carriger
First SDA Church

Dave Gemmell
North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

Esther Knott
Seventh-day Adventist Church

Adam Breiner
Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Philip Nyalilei
Doug Watts
Children's Medical Center - Dallas, TX

Rochelle Webster
Paradise Valley SDA Church

Benjamin Jones
President South Central Conference of SDA

Heide Ford
PathPursuit Coaching

Andy Lee
Mountain View Academy

Paul Anderson

Andrianne Adams
Aspire Outreach Ministries

Reginald Richardson Jr
Your Bible Speaks Community SDA Church - Portland, OR

Neylon Samuel
Hempstead SDA Church

Cheryl Simmons
Seventh-day Adventist

Robin Walker
Adventist Chaplaincy Ministry

Keith Burton
Institute for Pastoral Community Engagement

Roberto Guerrero
Shekinah Glory Church

Michaela Lawrence Jeffery
Athens Georgia Seventh-day Adventist Church

David Creveling
Vol. Lay Pastor

Kircio Mota
Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist Church Youth Ministry and YiELD Ministry

Rahel Wells
Andrews University, Department of Religion and Biblical Languages

Sheila Edens-Brown
A Woman of Grace Ministry

Leon Bryant Sr.
Lake Region Conference

Solomon West
Southwestern Adventist University

Rev Tracy Heilman
United Church of Christ/Tower Hill Retreat Center

Russell L Fields Jr
Seventh day Adventist

Donald McKinnie
Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Ryan Ashlock
University City Seventh-day Adventist Church, Charlotte, NC

Kevin Ruffcorn
Carmen Seibold
Pedrito Maynard-Reid
Walla Walla University

Community Signers

Nicole Parker

Anaya Parker

Seth Parker

Skyler Parker

Anya Rose Parker

Niki Wolfe

Malachi Myaing

Lisa Myaing

Satoya Foster

Brianna Derksen

Roberta Abernathy

Matthew Macaulay

Micah Wilkins

Unique Castelle

Audrey Keown

Eduardo Centurion

Audrey Wurth

Charolette Brand

Destiny Previlus

Anna Wilt

Gena Thomas

Lauren Bruce

Victoria Yang

Daniel Rubino

Jared Most

Ashley Black

Amy Robinson

Justin Lonas

Jonathan Wolfe

Oliver Richmond

Terri Bonnick

Simon Leanos

Payton Cody

Phillip Freeland

Paula Harris a

Caitlin Musgrave

Garnet Walters

Nicholas Arroyave-HowlingCrane

Chasatie Williams

Samuel Brane

Raymond Bandy II

Simon Lillard

Alonzo Horton

Hillman Locklayer

Joanne DeMary

Jefferson Herring

Kelly Kapic

Sam Youngs

Sandra Bynum

Emmanuel Brand

Hailey Raschke

Renrick Mayers

Emmalee Shallenberger

Brent Hamstra

Mercedes Blackson

Ryan Rubino

Rita Rubino

Dave Deardorff

Kameelah Williams

Ezequiel Vasquez

Katelyn Renard

Linda Jones

Donald Kanen

Tim Newton

Wanda Spence

Christian Bortz

Perri Kolio

Jonathan Ingraham

Samuel McLean

Melissa Moore

Allen Jackson

Bryan Castelle

John Mark Bowers

Belinda Outzen

Ismaias Recinos

Tui Silafau

Shawna Kibuta

Katie Bue

Simone Coetser

Dale Borchers

Debbi Sponsler

Lesieli Savelio

Sarah Burton

Angela McPherson

Ruth Williams

Mary Lou Erwin

Monique Christiansen

Lydia Rose

Almira Brand

Dominic Hunter

Tahia Ruff

Brenda Wilczynski

LaTeya Bynum

Janice Cosme

Susan Green

Mark Wells

Reita Bandy

Terri Saelee

Mellanie Hunter

Chandra Kaelin

Denise Anderson

Michele Kitney

Karen Gray

Victoria Carlson

Steve Meekma

Laura Taylor

Kendra Perry

Ryan Perry

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Roberta Bishop

Joshua Knight

Tiffany Meador

Luccas Do Carmo

Jon Stocksdale

Poua Vang

Cheryl Webster

Robin Hyatt-Gawne

Kristy Davis

David Skau

Joelle Ashley

Stephen Haller

Laura Haley

Richard Gordon

Laura Tinsley

David Welsh

Brittany McNutt

Gary Rudolph

Kim Stock

Jeremy McNutt

Leslie Prince

Arlene Campbell

Kenn Brown

Kristie Wilder

Katie Harbison

Jani Meekma

Bethany McDaniel

kervin Addo

Doni Dorak

Bill Rainford

Lidia Liriano

Dwayne Marshall

Rislo Florvil

Darlene Stokes

Jessica Pieretti

Lori Ermshar

Warren Gardner

Enoch Elwell

Chalaina Kroll

Amy Courdin

Adam Bruce

Stephen Barnes

Edward Brown

Edward Brown

Kedric Webster

Michal Parsley

Lisa Clark Diller

Graham Lovelady

Robert Ordóñez

Angie Gibson

Mary Vassar Hitchings

Diane Reichmann

Mark Fulop

Tabitha Sikes

Christopher Young

Madison Horton

Christine Bee

DeVonne Fouche

Harriet Chipley

Robin Downing

Caroline Johnson

Harriet Swenson

Peter Cooper

Robert Young

Julie Dean

Jennie Head

Edna Robinson

Sonja Pinkard-Stephenson

Ernest Maitland

Civi Ice

Hannah Taylor

Heather Wooten

Sylvester Smith

Terrie Ruff

Renee Klein

Edward Klein

Alicia Arthur

Beulah Volley

Janice Walwyn

Bernard Parham

Carolyn Hamilton

Sentina Poulter

Huedel Morgan-Isaac

Mikii myers

Stephanie Morris

Monica Daley-Campbell

Alain St.Germaine

Daniel Thompson

Marvene Noel

Moji Alawiye

Hillis Jeffries

Stephanie Wilczynski

Ray Wilczynski

Anna Cardoza

Daryl Williams

Amy Barrett

Sarah Lehn

Joylynn Scott

Donna OReilly

Nick Evenson

Esther-Shahn Pedersen

Kriston V

Linda Ireland

Peter Bonhomme

Nikki Facundo

Deborah Maddox

Mia Johnson

Emily Hamstra

Barbara Bolton

Hortense Carrington

Marilyn Ravina

Larry Williams

Rebekah Cho

Amanda Harden

Norma Watts

Donald Lawrence

Janet Ayala

Linda Tompkins

Wiki Carter

Lindsey Pitts

Elsie Merle

Olive Christie

Marisol Prieto

Daniel Prieto

Tannia Lascano

Akeem Jeffrey

Kale Sartor

Perri Koliadko

Gussie H.D. Greene

Nickolas Smith

Sonja Stephenson

Nancy Kelly

Jerilyn Sanders

Kensley Behel

Matthew West

Keely Tary

Sandra Delgado

Lisa Kuhlman

Mindy Trott

Shana M. Fairchild

Dionne Felix

Clarise Nixon

Tisha looby

Brielle Bange

Darin Bissell

Candy Reichert

Laurie Gauthier

Miguel Rivas

Tammy Overstreet

Beckie Retzer

Katie McGrath

Christian Bunch

Allison Maitland

Tricia Foster

Ileanna Freeman

Stephanie Skinner

Lauriellen Stankavich

Amanda Livanos

Ryan Becker

Cindy Murphy

Christopher Heintz

Derek Wesley Selby

Cheryl Saunders

Ezra Bates

Reginald Cooper

Kayla Cooper

Marilynn Fouche

Adler Jean-Jacques

Ivette Green

Eric Green

Miaesha Blackwell

Christy Black

Alexis Edwards

Maggie Tate

Raymond Freeman

Rhett Seitz

Edvan Benitez

Audrey Umali

Justin Mertz

Sabrina Guerrero

Michael Potter

Shalom Muyunda

Jacob Fierro

Hope Keleti

Evana Vivas

Dawson Stephens

Deyse Bravo

Bryant Clark

Doh Htoo

Willie Gattison

Shannon Hill

Josh Paul

Edwin Schwisow

Hazel Bell

Alice Smith

Tara Tello

Lindia Mathis

Victoria Mills

Belinda Jacob

Lisa Molina

Jake Lowry

Daniel Fickett

Geri Tate

Deidre edwards

Alan Eno

Shelly Maskelony

Jane Duffy

Steven Brand

Danny Pauliah

Hollee Brock

Nickole Moore

Ashley McClearn

Michael Card

Kristen Robinson

Cheryl Saucier

Samuel Reid

Curtis Farnham

Nhou Her

Lily Chung

Frank Jin

Leslie Kay

Arthur Hamann

Ann Stickle

Tim Farnham

Grace Yuh

Bevern St.Clair

Betsy Darken

Ray Inaray

Martha Vang

Daniel Muller

Nathan Clark

Elizabeth Fresse

Paul Jacobs

Lesieli Heimuli

Daniel Hampton

Haley Sisk

Natalie Pollard

gail roberts

Clark Sargeant

Bonnie Chichka

Becky Carpenter

Pat Rzonca

Jenna Carpenter

Ann Shirley

Brenda Reilly

Shanna Johnson

Donna Andrus

April Warkentin

James LaMance

Danita Heilig

Joe Cooper

Arlon Vaughn

DaRon Barfield

Russ Jenson

Angela LaPlace

Paul Youn

Darrell Howard

Crystal Jenson

Cynthia Prentice

Anna Dawson

Lynda du Preez

Faith Laughlin

Amanda Ancheta-Reinhardt

Leon Earl

Timothy Prewitt

Nancy rivera

Kate Matthews

Sandra Duerr

Candace Olusola

Albert Podorski

Tonia Dailey

Kesha Dailey

Freddie Brooks

Celestine J Custer

Nancy Lofton

William Patton

Grace Patton

Sharon Pittman

Alina Baltazar

Michelle Lewis

Brenda Mays

Melissa R Mota

Cheri Leng

Douglas Gruesbeck

teresa quintero

Paul Dragulin

Sheryl Fluence

Kevin Burton

Sabra Johnson

Marisol Prieto

Bianca Wright

C. Winston Smith

Carol Leiva

Wendy Redic

Cassie Matchim Hernandez

Rebecca Sorrells Walker

Joy Banks

Angela Traughber

Esther Martinez


Steve Allred

alexis lazenby

Stephanie Perez

Rita Back

Michael Oehrtman

Joy Durrant

Vaughn Andrews

Dianne Erlewine

Lynn Huss Pazdral

Sarah Bushey

Shannon Eller

Gladys Scruggs

Chris Watkins

Francesca Watkins

Caroline Kiage

Deidra Love

Brennan Saucier

Eran Bates

Sue Grimes

Emily Owens

Dionne Blackburn

Chuck Powell

Meredith B.

Meredith Briski

Joelle Worf

Roque Rojas

Howard Coston

Ingram London

Ann Burney

Jessica Saing

Natalie Hutchins

Alexia Benardo

Jaclyn Beckler

Cheryl Craven

Michael Hickman

Amanda Bauler

Layla Green

Gina Olberg

Christy Black

Clyfford Hazéll

Mervyn Chapman

Evelyn Garcia

Kristi Quave

Kristi Quave

onalethata modiga

asher g

Devin Anderson

Allie Ciron

Miguel Espinosa

Evelyn Garcia

Ethan Reid

Kayla Anderson

Ana Patterson

Derryl Rundengan

Kayli Dickson

jennifer lopez

Melva Trejo-Velez

Luci Alvarez

Hannah Bujak

Isabella Eklund

Sharon Lotulung

Amy Van Arsdell

Stephanie Peel

Clay Gentry

Kimberly Gentry

Roxann Maples-Stokes

Roxann Maples-Stokes

Maris Clark

Louise Lawrence-Rose

Willie Thomas

Evelyn Garcia

Tami Navalon

Angela Edwards

Keyshma Theodule

Alaina Kirkland

Alaina Kirkland

Soleil Joseph

Rosa Mayr

Timothy Spicer

Mary Bryant

Rick Rushworth

Suzanne Rushworth

Mary Churchill

Sarah Newton

Gail V Black

Isaac Hanson

Isabella Beaumonte

Suzanne Kreth

May Yates

Kristen Brock

Ami Steele

Brenda Pelzer

Fulvia Jimenez

Marvelle Davis

Liz Brumfield

Doug Langdon

Simone Jones

Simone Jones

Frantz Saint-val

Cheryl Gainey

Kristen Shields

Chelsey Kang

Edimir Echeverria

Toshia Lynch



Sarah Anderson